Certified Risk Manager (CRM) - Analysis of Risk course

Through the CRM Analysis of Risk course, you will acquire rock-solid expertise in the analysis and measurement of exposures and loss data that is fundamental to risk management.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Analyzing Risk
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis: Tools
  • Quantitative Analysis: Forecasting
  • Cash Discounting Concepts
  • Risk Analysis Applications (I)
  • Risk Analysis Applications (II)

Who Should Attend?
All active risk managers with at least two or more years of experience in your field should to register for the CRM Program, in addition to accountants, financial and insurance professionals, loss control and legal experts, and anyone associated with risk management of an organization.

A special option is available for individuals working to earn their CIC designation. With the "CRM for CIC" option, a student may take one CRM course in place of one CIC Institute. Therefore, a CIC candidate may earn the CIC designation by completing any four CIC Institutes plus one CRM course.

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CRM Analysis of Risk
April 25-28, 2017


About the CRM designation
The CRM Program provides you with an in-depth knowledge about today's highest priorities - identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, and administering operational risks - as well as political risks, catastrophic loss exposures, third-party exposures, fiduciary exposures, employee injury exposures, juridical risks, legal risks, and more - whether insurable or not. The skills you learn will make you more proactive and valuable to your organization in discovering how risks can interrupt the flow of earnings and how to protect against it.

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