Advocacy in Action

OIA builds communication between agencies and companies
OIA knows that company relations is one of the top issues facing independent agents. Many times, agents feel at the mercy of unilateral company decisions that may not always consider agent needs, while many companies feel they don't fully understand what those needs are.

In response to this concern, OIA's Company Relations Representative actively advocates agents' ideas and concerns to company executives. OIA strives to foster clear and effective communication between companies and their appointed agents.            

OIA asks you what really matters
OIA sponsors the Insurance Company Satisfaction Survey. This survey gives you, as an independent agent, the chance to influence company decisions. You can rate your carriers completely anonymously in areas ranging from commission and underwriting to claims handling and technology.

OIA shares the results of the survey with member agents, as well as company representatives. And the companies take their results very seriously. Most share their results with their board of directors and senior management, and some are even creating internal campaigns to raise their survey scores and work more effectively with you, their appointed agent.

By participating in the Insurance Company Satisfaction Survey, you can help OIA identify agents' top concerns and share those with the companies you represent.

View the results of the 2012 Insurance Company Satisfaction Survey